I do various things. I currently lead Welcoming Cities, For the Common Good, and FOUND.

I write about my various experiences, journey and observations at the intersection of faith, creativity, social justice, enterprise, and fatherhood.

A journalist once described me as a genuine contradiction, however, I prefer a work in progress.

I am passionate about living and sharing a story that is bigger than myself, and helping others to do the same.

I love working with passionate people to breathe life into great ideas (for the common good).

I generally apply these principles in my work.

I strive to live my life this way and like this, and this.

An Invitation

I invite you to:

Bio (Creative)

When Aleem was a child he refused to wear shoes anywhere, ever.

He was the eldest child of pioneering parents who: juiced green stuff; gardened sustainably; owned a personal computer; boycotted corporations supporting oppressive regimes; and, embraced diversity and multiculturalism – long before any of those things were fashionable. He would often go to the Mosque on Friday (with his Dad) and would be sent to Church on Sunday (by his Mum).

Aleem dreamed of being a writer, teacher, designer, actor, humanitarian, runner and professional Lego constructor. Now a bit older, and wearing shoes, he kind of does all those things – except he doesn’t get paid to construct Lego.

Aleem currently leads Welcoming Cities, For the Common Good, and FOUND. He is married to Lorrain, a Dad to seven children, and a borderline coffee addict (the borders are blurry).

Bio (Formal)

Aleem Ali works with passionate people to implement great ideas (for the common good).

As a social entrepreneur, pastor, husband and dad the work, people and ideas take many forms.

Awarded and recognised for his contribution to the community, Aleem has spent the past 20 years seeding and mentoring the development of various programs, initiatives and enterprises including the Academy for Young Entrepreneurs, 180 Studios, Bizness Men, Human Ventures, Creative Pathways in the Central West, Bleeding Heart, Biddy Bags, YAMP (Youth Arts Mentoring Program), and Stylin’ UP.

He is also an award-winning father, not simply because he and his wife have 7 children, but as a consequence of his example and passion for helping young people to overcome adversity and realise their potential.

A QUT Alumni and participant in the Career Mentor Scheme, other professional activities include Advisor on various arts and cultural panels; Lecturer in Creative Industries; and, keynote speaker at various conferences and events.

Aleem’s current and various vocations include:

In addition to all of the above his passions include “the real football” (read soccer), and coffee.