Bang-la Road

How do I reconcile
In my mind
In my heart
What I witnessed last night?

A young woman
The commodity of 3 men –
Grandfather, father, son?

Her eyes lifeless
No flicker of hope
A breathing corpse

What could her life have been?
Chained to a sewing machine?

Sleeping safe in my hotel room
I dreamt of her last night
Her face etched in my consciousness

How was her night?
I dare not think.

I can not reconcile this
To do so would deny her pain
Deny her humanity
Relegate her to just another statistic

I would like to believe my discomfort and grief
Brings her some dignity and respect
And so,
may I never be comfortable

May you find hope
May the fire burn in your eyes once more
May you come to know amazing grace

And may you rest no longer in the arms of 3 men,
but in the arms of your Saviour.


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