Fed By the Hope of Today

Awakened by grief.
The sun yet to break.
Lying in darkness. Trailers appear.

Children amidst war.
Bloodied streams carved into dusty faces.
Faces once joyful, playful, free.
Now tormented by terror and unmentionable loss.

I see hate and fear like shrouds.
Curses, insults, threats.
“We want our freedom.” But not yours.
A relentlessly futile and reductive pursuit by people of power and privilege.
Restricting the freedom of them = restricting the freedom of all.
Can’t you see? Look closer.
They ARE us.

The sun breaks.
Where to from here?

Relinquish certainty.
Seek potential in the lack.
Draft the counter-narrative.

First through humility.
Second through humility.
Third through humility.

Blessed are the humble and lacking for they embrace new possibilities.
Blessed are the grief-stricken and yearning for they are fed by the hope of today.
Blessed are the forgiving and child-like for they will experience beauty and wonder.
Blessed are those pursuing justice through peace for they are today’s martyrs and tomorrow’s saints.

Take a breath.
A moment of stillness amidst the light.

Cruelty or creativity?
Ignorance or imagination?
Finite or Infinite?
Both and.

Cross the ocean of uncertainty.
Waves crash.
Dive deep.

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