How Will We Continue?

It’s now seven weeks since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. We are all grappling with how to navigate and emerge from this crisis.

Many people are asking ‘when will this end?’

The pandemic is not a bushfire or a flood. It is not comparable to any disaster that we have faced and from which we have endeavoured to recover and rebuild. COVID-19 will continue until a vaccine can be found or we identify some other means of containing it. 

‘When will this end?’ is the wrong question, we need to be asking and answering ‘how will we continue?’ 

‘How will we come together?’

‘How will we ensure that we are not divided by an unseen threat?’

‘How will we build capacity, resilience and unity?’

‘How will we support our neighbours, communities, teachers, health workers, local businesses, elders, vulnerable people and visitors to our shores?’

Returning to ‘business as usual’ is unlikely to occur any time soon, and even if we could, should we? As challenging, confounding and awful as our current situation is, we have a choice and an opportunity not to return to the same ways of working.

We have an opportunity to learn and consider what we might do differently. An opportunity to continue to be better and work more effectively together as people of diverse backgrounds, stories, experiences, skills, and ideas.

We all have a part to play and we’re continuing to explore, and support our Welcoming Cities members to answer these important questions.

What is your part, what questions are you asking and seeking to answer, and how will you continue?

Stay safe and well,


Originally published on LinkedIn.

Image credit: Kate Trifo on Unsplash.

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